When it comes to weddings the first thing on everyone's mind is the bride's dress, but that doesn’t mean the groom’s suit is any less important. 

Many people assume the groom’s choice is simple and straightforward, but there’s a lot more to take into consideration than just finding a nice suit that fits in with the wedding theme. Whilst your bride may have spent months choosing her dream dress, rarely is the same care and time taken to find the perfect suit. Different styles can add a whole different character and have a huge impact on the look you are trying to achieve, so it’s worth spending the time to get this right. 

Although often this decision will mostly come down to your own personal choice, it can help to understand the differences between each of the styles to help you make your decision.

The Lounge Suit

A modern classic, the lounge suit is the perfect option for a groom wanting a fuss-free look. This style is a great all-rounder that works well for all types of daytime wedding. It gives a formal look whilst still being relaxed and it is quickly becoming favoured amongst modern grooms because of this. 

Similar in style to a fine business suit, the jacket is short and single breasted with a classic notched lapel and flap pockets at the hips. The fit is softly tailored, combining an effortlessly smart appearance with a more casual, comfortable fit.

The Prince Edward

Still one of the most popular choices thanks to its understated and timeless look, the Prince Edward falls perfectly between the more relaxed lounge suit and more formal tails. It’s the ideal middle ground for most weddings, and this is why it remains our most popular style. 

Sharp and minimal with contemporary styling, the three quarter length jacket has a slight drape giving a truly elegant fit. Fastening with 3 buttons, it has short notched lapels and flap pockets at the hips keeping the look classic and ageless.

The Tail Suit

Also called a morning suit, this is the most formal option for a daytime wedding and has been a highly popular choice for many decades with those wanting a very polished look. This style is most suited to grooms who are after a very traditional look. 

Gently cut away at the front it extends to a full, knee length back creating an elegant tail-like effect. A sharp, close fit and traditional peaked lapels make this suit feel extra special.